Window appearance

You have the opportunity to customize your IDEAL window according to your wishes because of our various directions of style.

To do this, first select an appearance of the window and after that the material from which your window should be produced.


Our added value


Sound Insulation

Thermal Insulation


IDEAL front doors, side entrance doors- and lift-up sliding doors are the solution to a new homely feeling: they are an important  design element and may set special highlights because of their unique look.



IDEAL Fensterbau Weinstock GmbH combines traditional trade with innovative technology and outstanding design.

Here you can learn all about our company.





We get involved
as a team 

As a medium sized company we care about our social actions.


Responsibility out of tradition

As a company that is conscious of tradition, we care about our social responsibility and our social actions. Therefor we create purposeful, sustainable offers in areas as energy saving, support social institutions and get involved in the regional sportive environment. In this way we embody our connection with nature, the country and it´s people. 

This matches our fundamental understanding of engagement and responsibility.  


Ecological engagement 

Within the last few years we put our attention on power efficiency in our facility. Furthermore we provide our business partners and our employees a public electric filling station to charge e-cars or e-bikes. For our environment, against climate change!

IDEAL goes green

  • The whole production has been equipped with energy-saving lights to lower emission.

  • The facility in Traben-Trarbach has photovoltaics to produce "clean" energy.

  • IDEAL is a Rewindo premium partner since 2017. The PVC-waste products are recycled by 100%!

  • We obtain our timber solely from sustainable growing.

Stop the plastic flood

SOS from the depth of the ocean!

Pictures that stay in our minds: a dead whale, whose stomach is full of plastic. The dolphin who got tangled up in an abanandoned net and had to drown. Or the sea turtle, who had a plastic straw stuck in it´s nose. Ist`s a fact: Our oceans drowning in garbage.

The WWF focuses it´s activity on stopping the entry of plastic garbage as it´s source. Mostly the plastic find´s it´s way to the ocean through rivers. That happens mainly in countries, where the collection and utilization of waste doesn´t work properly. A core area are the countries of southeast Asia. 

IDEAL supports WWF, so we don´t have to see any more pictures of animals which die due to the entry of plastic waste into the ocean. 

As a producer of PVC- and PVC-aluminium windows we´re a premium partner of Rewindo. PVC that is used for the fabrication of our windows, shutters and doors is being recycled and brought back into the production chain. This saves resources, energy and contributes to CO2-relief. 

Sportive engagement

Team spirit and motivation are crucial points in our IDEAL philosophy. Thereby it is not astonishing, that we support the located football youth in Wittlich as well as the female B-Juniors of TuS Reil 1912 e.V., who are supported with IDEAL football shirts. We wish success and fun!

Social engagement

Not everybody is provided by enough food or has the funds to buy as much food as necessary. Therefor more than 900 charitable “Tafel “ locations in Germany collect excrescent food and distribute it to people in need. We support this forward-looking project.

Kids and teenagers with chronical diseases are in need of a holistic and individual care, which is provided by “Villa Kunterbunt” in Trier. IDEAL supports “Villa Kunterbunt” annually with a donation.