Hover above everyday life

The scientific fundament to ballooning - the law of natural draft- based on research of Archimedes.

In fact everything started back at june 4th in 1783, when Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier built a formation out of paper and cloth between to high wooden poles at the market square of Annonay in south France. 

On june 19th in 1783 the first passengers started in front of king Louis XVI and an audience of 130.000: a mutton, a duck and a cock. The overdelivery claums that the cock broke ist leg during landfall. Quickly the news about the first start of a balloon found it´s way to Paris. As a special attraction it was planned to let the balloon start with people on board for the very first time, to honor the king. Therefore two convicts, who where sentenced to death were choosen to take place in the balloon.

Since the gentry thought they shoudn´t take convicts for such a major event, the Marquis de Arlange and Jean-Francois Pilâtre de Rozier decided to risk the start with the balloon. The start took place in a cold november morning in 1783 at the area of the palace of Versailles and ended without any problems, after a smooth ride above Paris, in the region Compiegne, 8 km away from the starting point. 

The balloon was lighted with wood soaked in oil, paper, wet straw and cloth. Back then people believed that smoke (and not the warm air itself) caused the natural draft. Therefor, everything that smoked a lot, was burned.  

Lifting up from the ground back then was a huge sensation. But even today, in the era of supersonic transport, the fascination of sailing along and being consistent with wind and nature, didn´t loose it`s charm.

The experience of freedom, forgetting about every day life and enjoying the beauty of nature is what we offer our business partners today - 200 years after the very first balloon start!

 Just in time for the start of the season, IDEAL is going to take part in several balloon-festivals and offers our business partners the possibility to get away from it all and discover new horizons.

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