Window appearance

You have the opportunity to customize your IDEAL window according to your wishes because of our various directions of style.

To do this, first select an appearance of the window and after that the material from which your window should be produced.


Our added value


Sound Insulation

Thermal Insulation


IDEAL front doors, side entrance doors- and lift-up sliding doors are the solution to a new homely feeling: they are an important  design element and may set special highlights because of their unique look.



IDEAL Fensterbau Weinstock GmbH combines traditional trade with innovative technology and outstanding design.

Here you can learn all about our company.





A Family business
with strong roots

27 years of window building in Germany.

The management board:
Sabine Weinstock, Ludwig Weinstock, Stefan Weinstock


Consciousness of tradition and innovation

The headstone for IDEAL Fensterbau Weinstock GmbH was placed by Ludwig Weinstock, when he bought a wood window factory in Traben-Trarbach.

With a clear vision of windows, which fascinate with innovativ technology and inspire with distinguished designs, the family business evolved to one of the most innovative window producers and an acknowledged leader in this industrial sector. 

 The path to this position was defined by clear values, clever investments and the consequent combination of traditional handcraft with innovativ high-tech products.


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It all began with the production of wood-windows 27 years ago

The result: a broad range of products with a variety of different systems in PVC, PVC-aluminium with and without edge taping, wood and wood-aluminium windows, lift and slide doors, parallel sliding doors and front doors. Weekly producing 5000 unities of windows and doors- accurately fitting according to customer requests and manufactured accurate to a millimeter in precision work.

By today IDEAL is entrenched with both production locations Wittlich-Wengerohr and Traben-Trarbach and not only keeps the loyalty to the region but as well to the 300 qualified staff members, that contribute daily to the success of IDEAL Fensterbau.

"As entrepreneurs we bear responsibility. Our understanding of responsibility contains our commitment as an employer and trainer, our trustful and loyal relation to our suppliers and business partners as well as service orientation towards our customers."
Sabine Weinstock