Burglar protection


Safety is our standard!
Even in our basic set our products have a broad range of safety features -without any extra charge! This way you get a surplus of safety for the same price compared to other manufacturers. 


Certified manufacturer
IDEAL windows, doors and lift-up sliding doors are certified in RC2 according to DIN EN 1627-1630. 

Fresh air without loss of security
Tilted windows are not an obstacle for a burglar. Our parallel wings (ActivePilot Comfort PAD) makes sure that safety remains even in ventilation position.

Adhesive technology
With adhesive technology the sash and the glass get united by a one-component polyurethane adhesive. The all-over adhesion between window sash and glass increases burglar security. Levering the pane isn't possible, even if the glass strip is broken. The removal of the pane from the window sash is prevented.

Thermal insulation


Insulation characteristics
Poorly insulated or outdated windows waste energy and can become a cost trap in times of constantly rising energy prices. Spare your purse and key resources! Thanks to excellent thermal insulation of IDEAL windows you can reduce heating costs and by an optimal use of the glass surface for solar gain you can benefit from free heating. 


The edge seal
In modern double galzing edge seal is integrated, which defines the width of the gas filled chambers between the glass panes. To reduce heat loss, we integrate warm-edge spacer in our windows. A warm-edge spacer reduces heat loss, improves the room climate in your house and reduces your heating costs. 

IDEAL Energeto
At conventional windows the thermal wakness lies within the steel reinforcement, which releases excess heat. IDEALs answer to this phenomenon: Energeto. A special material called Ultradur replaces the steel and thereby massively improves thermal insulation. The warmth stays exactly where it's needed: inside your house. Good for you, good for the environment! Furthermore IDEAL Energeto series convinces with bonding of the glass rebate, which improves the common thermal insulation of window Systems by 20%. 

Sound insulation


Why sound insulation is important
In our everyday life we are confronted with increasingly higher noise exposure, therefor it gets more and more important to protect yourself from noise. Espacially when you live near a highly frequented road or close to an airport. Also musicians can prevent their neighbors from being disturbed from noise while practicing. Noise can become very exhausting and in the worst case it can even make you sick.


Sound insulation for your living comfort
The choice of the right window can have a decisive effect on your living comfort. Major impact on a windows sound insulation has the glass that is used. Laminated interlayers on the glass panes reduce it´s vibration and prevents incoming noise.

Soundproofing effect of a window
Determined by VDI-directive 2719 and DIN 4109 windows split up into six sound insulation classes. The higher the sound insulation class, the higher the sound insulation effect. IDEAL windows already have an insulation value of 32dB in their standard version and can reach an insulatin value of 48 dB, which equates with sound insulation class 5 at ist best!



The special impression
Windows are what gives your house an individual and unique appearance. They round the overall impression of and create a connection between the homeowners and their outside world. With IDEAL windows you decide on an exclusive and appealing design that gives you a range of creative possibilities. It’s your own taste that decides upon shape, color and decorative accessories.

Individual diversity
IDEAL windows offer a range of shape, colors and material. They also offer a broad range of ornamental glass. Moreover you can design your favorite window out of a range of types of wood and PVC- and aluminum-colors.


Countless design elements
You have the possibility, to give your windows a further upgrade by choosing from different fittings. IDEAL select for example offers you an elegant alternative in comparison to our standard fitting. Thanks to IDEAL select there are no fitting components on the frame that disrupt the optic. Considering that you’ll see your windows for 60-80% of the time from the inside, the fitting is an important part of the windows overall aesthetic.



Various options
IDEAL windows are available in many versions. Just like the offer of additional features. It`s a wide selection and the opportunities to combine are accordingly various.  Whether if lockable handles, electric or manually opperated shutter. You will find it here.


No shutter housing (inside or outside) will destroy the look of your house or living space. The systems SOMBRA and SHADOW convince by a integrated shutter!

Ventilation without loss of security - fully automatic on request!
You leave the house, but do not want to leave the window in ventilation position? No problem with the PAD (Parallel-Abstell-Drehbeschlag). It creates between the sash and the window frame a nearly invisible, about 6 mm wide ventilation gap. Windows in the half opened state are open enough for a continious supply of fresh air in order to improve the indoor climate and to avoid building damage caused by mold. At the same time, they are closed enough for burglar resistance, noise reduction and energy efficieny. It is even more comfortable because of motorized version, with which you can control the ventilation via wireless remote control.